The Indian Covid-19 surge could be the result of vaccination

Covid-19 cases surged after the vaccinations started.

The second wave of the Covid-19 variant has brought the healthcare system of India to its knees. The critical life-sustaining drugs and equipment are in short supply. The recent data according to the John Hopkins University suggests that there are around 250,000 deaths because of Covid in India.

Many researchers have been trying to find the cause of the sudden Covid surge in India. There are many articles circulating through Social media suggesting that vaccines could be the reason for the surge of a new wave of Covid in India. Social media posts suggested that India was doing great before they started the vaccination drive. 

The following news report from March 17, 2021, by India Today talks about 71 reported deaths and 234 people getting hospitalized after receiving the vaccine.



The vaccine makers have been denying all claims suggesting any major side effects of the vaccines. Many people on Social media have expressed their doubts over the safety of vaccines.

Another study was done and reported by the ‘Tamilnadu Medical Practitioners’ Association’ in Chennai have reported that there have been 124 deaths and 305 hospitalizations after the vaccination. This study was released on April 27, 2021. The AEFI (Adverse Effects Following Immunization) committee said that these deaths are unrelated to the vaccines.

As of now, there are two vaccines that are being administered in India. The first one is the Covishield vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca. This vaccine already got controversial results as many people reported the formation of blood clots after vaccination. Astra Zeneca denied these claims and further studies need to be done on this. 

The second vaccine in India is called Covaxine by the Indian company Bharat Biotech. As of now, not enough data is available regarding the side effects of this drug.

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