The Indian government relaxes restrictions for international travel

Currently travel to and from UK, USA, France and Germany is allowed.

Indian Airlines
Indian Airlines flights (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Indian government has relaxed some major restrictions on international travel. These relaxations are currently for the tourists from the USA, France, Germany, and the UK carrying the OCI card. The ministry of civil aviation made this official announced on Friday 7th August.

India has created designated flight routes also known as ‘Air Bubbles’ with the USA, France, Germany, and the UK. According to this relaxation, International flights from the above-mentioned countries would be allowed for the tourists carrying the OCI card. However, the number of flights between these countries will be limited.

The second relaxation that was announced will allow Indian nationals to carry a valid visa to the travel to the US, UK France, and Germany. There will be no restriction imposed on the travel of Indians to these 4 countries. However, the travelers will have to check with the specific country for any medical checkup required to enter their borders.

The other relaxation that was given was that the international tourists from the above-mentioned countries can travel to India for business, medical and employment purposes..

The regular international flights will remain suspended. India is in talks with many other countries discussing the creation of ‘Air bubbles’ for safe and limited travel options.

Currently, the domestic flights have resumed but the number flights have been limited. Also, flights are restricted to 45% of its occupancy. It is expected the more air travel restrictions will ease in the future.


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