The international passenger flights to India are suspended until 30th September.

Some selected routes will be allowed as per the mutual-decision between India and other countries.

The Director-General of Civil Aviation of India today announced that the international commercial flights to India will be suspended further until 30th September. This announcement was made in a written circular from the office of the Civil Aviation department.

The Covid-19 pandemic in India seems to be spiking again along with the new cases which are being labeled as a third wave. However, there are some selected routes on which some international flights may get allowed. The decision on when and who can be allowed to travel to India will be decided by the Civil Aviation department authorities.

International cargo flights on the other hand will be allowed and per the approval given by the Director-General of Civil Aviation. Details on which routes will be approved for passenger flights will be soon made public.

The previous suspension period was until 31st August and many people were expecting the international flights to start again. But with the further suspension of the flights would mean that the tourism sector in India is still waiting for revival. Many tourism businesses are now relying on domestic tourists for their survival.

The following YouTube video from ‘Times of India’ reports about the recent announcement made by the Civil Aviation department.

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