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The shacks on the beaches of Goa will be delayed further for another 45 days

Without the international travel, the road to recovery for the tourism businesses in Goa is hard.

Beach shacks in Goa
Anjuna Beach Shacks in Goa (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

After facing the economic crunch because of the lockdown, the beach shacks faced another hurdle in their road to recovery. The government of Goa has delayed the opening of the beach shacks for tourists for another 45 days.

The Goa government is planning to waive off licensing and excise duties for small businesses. The delay in the opening of these shacks will relieve the government from giving any concession to the beach shack operators.

Presently, no shack business owner has applied for the renewal of their license as they are waiting for the government to make a firm decision on the opening of the beach shacks. The shack owners are still seeking help from the government to help them revive their businesses. According to the latest policy for the beach shack owners which is valid from 2019 – 2022, all the 260 shacks in North Goa and 96 shacks in South districts are allowed to open.

According to the officials of the Shack Owner’s Association, the delay will continue for another month or month and a half. People will have to wait to set up their shack businesses for another 45 days or so.

Presently, the shack businesses are heavily dependent on the tourists for their businesses. Not many international tourists can be expected this year. However, domestic tourists will be the only source of business for these small shack businesses.

The neighboring Sindhudurg area and many other districts of Maharashtra and Konkan are developing Shack operated businesses which will be creating competition for the shack operators in Goa. The road to recovery seems to be hard for these small businesses and without any solution to the COVID problem, the situation will remain hard for the overall tourism sector.

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