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The state of Karnataka re-opened for domestic tourism

Nandi Hills, Kodagu, Joga falls and Srirangapatna have shown positive signs of recovery and received a good number of tourists.

Hampi ruins
Ancient city of Hampi, ,Karnataka (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The fourth phase of unlocking named as ‘Unlock 4.0’ by the government, has already started in India. Under this phase, large scale unlocking of restrictions is in progress for all the businesses related to tourism.

After the opening up of inter-state travel for domestic tourists, the Indian government decided to unlock the restrictions imposed during the pandemic lockdown. The southwestern state of Karnataka is famous for its status as India’s silicon valley and for its nightlife.

The most popular destination of Karnataka is the capital city of Bengaluru which is a city popular for its high-tech lifestyle and its IT industry. The city of Mysore is popular for its beautiful temples especially the Mysore Palace. The ancient city of Hampi is famous for its temple ruins and old monuments and architecture.

The state of Karnataka has a lucrative tourism sector which contributes largely to the state’s economy. After suffering the setback due to the pandemic, the government has decided to reopen the state for domestic tourists. Under this initiative, the government has made sure that the safety of the tourists is of paramount importance. The social distancing measures have been implemented on all key tourist destinations.

Earlier this year, due to the lockdown the popular destinations of Kodagu and Chikkamagaluru were closed down for the tourists to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the state. But the domestic tourism is starting again and the tourism business operators have noticed a rise in the number of queries they receive.

Presently, places such as Nandi Hills, Kodagu, Joga falls and Srirangapatna has shown positive signs of recovery after receiving a good number of domestic tourists in the past weeks. However, some sites in Northern Karnataka such as Vijayapura, Badami, and Hampi have not yet picked up in terms of tourist bookings and the response has not yet been positive. According to the Karnataka tourism officials, these sites will slowly pick up as more and more restrictions are lifted.

Most of the tourists that the state has received are from the neighboring states such as Hyderabad and Chennai. Usually, people have opted for a weekend trip to Karnataka in their own cars. It has been noticed that tourists are avoiding public transport due to the fear of infection.

The major concern about safety is always on the minds of the tourists traveling to Karnataka. The government is working towards ensuring safety by implementing social distancing measures along with thermal scanning, wearing masks, and limiting the large crowds from gathering in one place. Regular sanitization of the important tourist destinations is done to prevent infection.

To encourage tourists, various discounts are being offered by the hotels and the tour packages. In the coming weeks, it is possible that the number of tourists visiting Karnataka shows a positive increase.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘Amazing Places on Our Planet’ gives a tour of the ancient city of Hampi in Karnataka, India.

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