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The state of Madhya Pradesh prepares to re-open national parks and other tourist destinations

כל הפארקים הלאומיים של מאדהיה פרדש יפתחו החל מה- 15 ביוני

Khajuraho Temple, Madhya Pradesh (image source: wikimedia commons)

The state government of Madhya Pradesh decided to open up for the tourists starting Monday, June 15th. The tourist destinations are opening up to promote domestic tourism so the much-needed revenue can be earned for the state.

From June 15th all national parks will be opened as announced by the Tourism board of Madhya Pradesh. Also, the hotels, resorts and all properties associated with the tourism activity will resume their businesses. The tourism board of Madhya Pradesh said in a circular that this decision will bring a sense of normalcy among the people.

 The authorities have already sanitized all the premises of the cultural tourism sites and all health and safety measures are in place. The protocols given by the Ministry of Tourism have been applied and the guidelines are being strictly followed.

 The first phase of the re-opening of the state is directed towards attracting tourists from the neighboring cities and states. The state of Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by five other states and people can easily travel through road. Small tour packages for weekend trips are expected to be popular in this first phase of re-opening.

 Other states of India such as Uttarakhand and Rajasthan have already begun opening their tourist destination to promote domestic tourism. Some other states like Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Karanataka are also preparing to open their tourist sites.

The following YouTube video from channel ‘MPtourism’ gives a glimpse into the most popular travel destinations of Madhya Pradesh.

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