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The state of Maharashtra planning to build shacks on the beach to promote tourism

Goa like shacks to be built in Maharashtra

Shack like structure in Goa
Beach Shack in Goa (image source: wikimedia commons)

In an effort to restart tourism activities, the state government of Maharashtra approved a proposal to built shack-like structures on the beaches. These shacks will look similar to that of Goa and will be built on selected beaches near the shores of Maharashtra state.

The first phase of this plan includes the 8 beaches where these shacks will be built upon. This plan got approval from the state government officials on Thursday last week.

These 8 beaches are located in 4 districts. These four main districts are Palghar, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, and Raigad. The 8 main sites for the shacks are Kunkeshware, Tarkarli, Versoli, Diveagar, Arevare, Guhagar, Bordi, and Kelve.

People have to ask for a permit to operate such shacks in the areas mentioned above. According to the government, more areas will be designated to start these small tourism businesses to revive the economy.

This initiative was taken by the government to create some new job opportunities as well as an effort to recover the tourism economy. However, Maharashtra being the worst-hit state for COVID, It is likely that these ‘shack businesses’ will make any money from tourism. It is possible that most of their revenue will be from people visiting from within the state.

The following YouTube video from the channel called “TRIP XTREME” one can see the best  beach shacks in Goa and how they are popular among tourists. However, to get the same kind of popularity for the new shacks in Maharashtra, the international tourism has to start back on with all the safety protocols.

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