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The state of Uttarakhand is developing a conservation centre for the rare Snow Leopard

The conservation centre will help in boosting tourism during winter season.

SnowLeopard in Himalayas
Himalayan Snow Leopard (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

In Uttarakhand, the area of Uttarkashi Forest Division has been selected for the conservation center for the snow leopards. This conservation center will help in the efforts to preserve the endangered snow leopards and also be playing a part in promoting tourism during the winter season.

Yesterday on 1st August, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand met with the forest minister of the state to discuss the development plan for the conservation center.

Under the plan, the first initiative would be to get the total count of the Snow Leopards in the state of Uttarakhand. Also, efforts to increase the overall population of snow leopards will be made.

As per the development plan, the areas where the snow leopards are found will be defined and marked. A grid will be made according to which segments of the areas will be marked and identified. This will eventually help in the conservation of other endangered species in the area as well.

This development will also create awareness which will give a much necessary boost to tourism as well.

The main areas where the largest number of snow leopards are found are Uttarkashi and Pithoragarh districts. Until now, there is no official count that has been done for these snow leopards. It is only known that the most number of sightings were from the two areas of Pithoragarh and Uttarkashi. According to the various researches, there are approximately 86 snow leopards in Uttarakhand.

The number of snow leopards needs to increase along with various other rare wildlife species in the area. For this purpose, the conservation center will be a good initiative.

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