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The Sunburn is still pending authorization by the Goa Tourism Minister

This year the Sunburn Festival is expected to happen in December.

The organizers of the Sunburn festival announced that the festival will be held in December. However, the tourism minister of Goa replied to the announcement saying that permission for the festival has not yet been given. The Sunburn EDM Festival is a world-famous event with Electronic Dance Music featuring many famous DJs from all over the world.

The Sunburn festival attracts thousands of tourists every year to Goa. With the revival of tourism activities in Goa, the Sunburn festival is expected to bring in many tourists. However, with the recent statement from Goa’s Tourism Minister, the organizers of the event might face some challenges in hosting the event.

Considering the Covid-19 situation, the social distancing measures will greatly reduce the number of people attending the festival. Another popular event in Goa by the name ‘Percept Live’ was also announced. However, the main condition for attending this festival was to be fully vaccinated.

As of now, the Covid-19 cases have declined but in the coming day’s festivities and social gatherings might trigger another wave of infections. The flu season has also arrived which has increased the risk of infections. In the coming days, more data regarding the new Covid-19 cases will be released. If all goes well, tourism will get fully revived in India.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the Sunburn Festival was unsuccessful due to the fewer people attending the event. This year the organizers are hopeful to make this event a success. The theme of the festival is ‘Life is Calling’ and it will host many international artists playing at 3 different stages.

Following is the official news article from ‘Free Press Journal’ about the recent announcement made by the Tourism Minister of Goa regarding the Sunburn Festival.


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