The train called ‘Tejas Express’ will start its services from 17th October

The Tejas Express train provides excellent catering services as well as it is known to be one of the most efficient trains in India.

Tejas Express Train
Tejas Express Train (image source : Wikimedia Commons)

The train bookings for the Tejas Express train is scheduled to start from tomorrow (8th October 2020). The train will officially start running on 17th October for all passengers.

The upcoming festival of ‘Dusshera’ is about to happen and after Dusshera the most important festival of India Diwali is upcoming soon. The government has decided that before the festive season the private train by the name ‘Tejas Express’ will resume its services from 17th October.

The official announced was made by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). All similar private trains were started for the routes between Delhi-Lucknow, Ahmedabad-Mumbai, and Varanasi to Indore. The name given to the private trains for these routes is Tejas Express. The Tejas Express has been halted since March 22nd because of the pandemic.

According to the IRCTC officials, the train ticket bookings will start on 8th October. All passengers can avail of the packaged food service on the train if they wish. The Tejas Express is considered to be one of the most modern trains on the selected routes in India. Also, this is the only train that compensates the passengers if the train gets delayed.

The Tejas Express has excellent food services and drinks available for the passengers. Once it starts its operations, it is expected that more and more passengers will avail of the services.  The following video from the YouTube channel ‘Dabble and Travel’ shows the international travels experiencing the ride on the Tejas Express Train.

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