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The villagers of Khonoma continue life without tourism

Khonoma Village, Nagaland (image source: Flickr (license :

India’s most popular tourism destination is a hidden village in the North-east. A village called ‘Khonoma’ which is called a ‘green village’. This is due to the fact that all the villagers live a sustainable life and respect the environment.

Since the spread of COVID-19 lot of villagers suffered due to the loss in their income. However, it did not affect their lifestyle at all. This is all because of their sustainable way of life. Many villagers are aware of the environmental impact of excessive tourism and economic growth. The people of this village are actively involved in the conservation of the forests and local species. They have prioritized the environment over the economy.

The following YouTube video by ‘Karl Rock’ shows in the detail the biodiversity of the Khonoma village.

The village was named as ‘Asia’s first green village’ due to the conservation of its amazing biodiversity. Many rare species of animals and birds live among the forests. The conservation efforts were successful because of the awareness and respect that the locals have for nature. The forest is now considered as a wildlife sanctuary.

However, the economic impact affected cash-flow due to tourism. But locals are still surviving well off of farming and livestock rearing. Compared to the other popular villages where tourism has had a huge economic impact, Khonoma’s residents are going about their lives as normal without any problem.

Some traditional hunting practices are scarce among villagers due to the surveillance introduced by the forest authorities. Ban on logging practices and hunting is extended throughout the area.

Currently, there are around 10 homestays in the village and it is reported that about 20 people were earning money by providing guide services. Some of the villagers made some handicrafts and few were involved in running their taxi business. The economic impact is huge for the villagers due to the lack of tourists. But people have seen the impact of this lack in the environment is cleaner than before.

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