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The world’s largest igloo cafe is now open in Gulmarg in Jammu & Kashmir

Igloo based structures are slowly getting popular in the North India.

A new tourist attraction in the union territory is creating a buzz among travelers. Kashmir has one more reason to be proud and attract more tourists. The reason is a newly opened igloo cafe in the Union Territory’s Gulmarg.

Also, not only is this, it has already made a record by being the world’s largest igloo cafe.

Standing tall at a height of 37.5 ft and a diameter of 44.5 ft, the newly opened cafe has become the talk of the town. “It was the world’s largest cafe of its kind,” claimed the creator of the Igloo, Syed Wasim Shah. With a height of as high as 33.8 ft and a diameter of 42.4 ft, the biggest igloo cafe is in Switzerland, as per the Guinness Book of World Records. So, this igloo broke the record of the same and is built larger than that.

Syed mentioned that he noticed this concept in Switzerland a few years back. He also noticed the hotels that were equipped with all modern facilities. This made him wonder if this could be started in Gulmarg also, as it also witnesses a lot of snow.

Last year, he created an igloo cafe, which he claims to be Asia’s biggest. It took 64 days to complete the cafe. Also, the place where 40 people can eat was created in two steps with a staircase.

The thickness of this igloo cafe is around 5 ft. It is hoped that the cafe will stand till March 15. After that, it will be shut down for the public. So, don’t miss this tourist attraction for sure if you’re in Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir during this time.


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