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Thenmala became an eco-tourism destination in Kollam, Kerala

Many more eco-tourism projects are being developed in Kerala.

Thenmala is located in the Kollam district of Kerala. It is located in the northern region of the Thenmala Dam near the famous Kallada River. Thenmala is a rich bio-diverse land that is home to hundreds of rare species of plants, animals, and birds. It is also among the best tourist destinations to travel to in Kerala.

With international tourism opening up and more and more reservations being made by the travel agencies, tourism is expected to revive in the coming months. The winter months are among the most popular time to travel to Kerala. Goa is another popular destination that has started to welcome international tourists. Kerala is slowly opening up all its popular tourist destinations. Among these places, Thenmala is probably the best choice for a great vacation in the lap of nature.

The tour operators are working on developing sustainable tourism for Thenmala. All tourist activities are made sustainable where no damage to the natural habitat is done. The native birds attract many nature lovers to this site who visit every year to photograph these rare species of birds and animals.

Currently, several eco-tourism projects are being developed in Kerala and other states of India. With a significantly greater focus on developing tourism infrastructure in India, the Indian tourism department is working on several tourism projects.

Some of the tourist activities that you can engage in while traveling in Thenmala are trekking, camping, boating, mountain-biking, rock-climbing, rappelling. An amphitheater, garden full of sculptures, and a sway bridge are some other attractions in Thenmala.

Following is the detailed article from ‘Prime Time’ about Thenmala’s eco-tourism model.

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