Third wave of Covid might not be severe as per ICMR

The third wave of the Covid is expected in the coming 6-8 weeks time.

A recent study done by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) suggested that the much-feared third wave of Covid-19 might not be as severe as people think. According to the study, it is estimated that the third wave will be less severe than the second wave.

The study done by the ICMR specialists used analysis on various mathematical models and the findings were published in the Indian Journal of Medical research on 25th June Friday. The specialists of ICMR are still based on several uncertainties and they still suggested that vaccinations should continue to lower the risks due to Covid-19 mutations.

It has been said by various experts that the third wave is feared because the new variant transmits faster than the previous variant. The previous immunity is most likely to be ineffective on the new variant.

Another report by the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) also pointed out that the third wave will not be as bad as the second one. The AIIMS Chief, Mr. Randeep Guleria suggested that although the third wave will be very unlikely to be severe Covid-appropriate-behavior needs to be observed. The AIIMS chief said that the government and the medical teams are closely monitoring the spread of the new variant and it has been found that the new variant is not dominant.

The vaccination drive is still going on in India and several states have increased their efforts to vaccinate all the people who are residing in the state. Only time will tell if the new variant will create any serious issue. As of now, the third wave is still expected to surge in the coming 6 weeks.

The following news article from ‘The Economic times’ talks about the recent study done by the ICMR and its suggestions.

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