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Tirthan valley will get an eco-tourism zone status

The eco-tourism zone status will help prevent the damage to the valley by overcrowding tourists.

The local governing bodies are also known as ‘Panchayats’ of Banjar especially Tirthan Valley which is situated close to the Great Himalayan National Park. The bio-diverse land of Tirthan valley has been receiving a large number of tourists in recent years.

The local governing bodies have decided to limit the influx of tourists so the fragile biodiversity of the land can be protected. Although many rules prevent tourists from littering and from destroying the environment, the overcrowding of tourists is still a problem.

To combat this, the ‘panchayats’ have decided to limit the hotel room to 10. Also, the maximum allowed structures for buildings will be limited to three and half-storeys. 

Recently, there has been a huge development in and around the area of Tirthan and this has resulted in damage to the environment which makes Tirthan valley special. That is why the ‘panchayats’ have decided to seek the ‘eco-tourism zone’ status for the area.

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