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Tourism business in Himachal suffers losses due to coronavirus lockdown

Mcleodganj, Dharamsala (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be disastrous to many small and medium businesses. People throughout the world have been working from home wherever it was possible. But most people have lost their jobs and financial stress has made life hard for many people.

In Himachal Pradesh, the tourism industry is a huge contributor to the GDP of the state. All the businesses involved in tourism have suffered some major losses due to the pandemic. Lack of incoming tourists has resulted in job losses for the hotel staff. Many hotels and business owners are not able to pay the amount of the loans they took from the banks. This has been very stressful for the hotel owners and small business owners as well.

The most lucrative time for these businesses is from April until June. With no tourists, the taxi operators are now jobless with income for their households. The taxi operators have come together and asked the government for help in order to sustain themselves. The hotel owners requested the government as well to write-off the monthly amount that they have to pay to the banks. They urged the government to let banks write-off the monthly amount for a full year.

It will be a very difficult time for the tourism industry for this year. There is no telling if coronavirus would subside anytime soon. The chance of a major improvement next year also seems bleak. People throughout the world are struggling financially. It is difficult to see an increase in the number of tourists next year as well. This is because it is expected that people willing to travel would be struggling to pay for their expenses due to the loss of jobs throughout the world. It is feared that most hotels and small businesses might go bankrupt or permanently be closed.

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