Tourism Ministry of India is developing Rural tourism in Kerala and Bihar

The infrastructure required for the rural tourism is also being built.

Morning in Kerala Village
Morning in the Village of Kerala (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Tourism Ministry of India has authorized two rural tourism projects in Bihar and Kerala today.  This plan is an initiative to create a tourism circuit through the villages of Kerala and Bihar state.

The government is also planning to develop the required infrastructure to connect the villages to these important tourist circuits. It would be a positive step to promote the rural culture and arts to the world. It will also create awareness among people for the people of these villages who are often under-represented.

Another major objective for developing rural tourism is to create jobs for the people of local communities of villages. The government has allocated a substantial budget for building these projects successfully.

The Tourism Ministry has also developed National Tourism Award for Rural, Agricultural and Plantation based tourism projects for the entrepreneurs who are willing to take on this opportunity to build upon these projects.

Certain villages have been selected where the need to preserve the culture of the villages is needed the most. The vision behind this initiative is to preserve rural life as well as build the necessary infrastructure to increase the quality of life for the people.

According to the ministry, there are around 300 clusters of villages that are being developed in 28 states of India.

The focus of this initiative will remain on rural life, culture, heritage, and art in the villages are that on the brink of extinction. The following YouTube video from the channel called :”NowhereBlow” shows a glimpse of a village in Kerala.


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