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Tourism ministry of Kerala will give virtual tour of villages with blooming water lilies

Various short films and videos are being prepared for the tourists depicting the rural life.

Water Lilly
Pink Water Lilly (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The famous pink lilies that bloom in hundreds in the waters of Kerala villages are getting promoted through the virtual tours. The monsoon season brings in the most sought-after scene on the backwaters of villages in the Kottayam district of Kerala.

Tourists flock in the villages to pose in front of these water lilies and post them online. This season is usually popular with tourists and photographers from around the world.

Due to the pandemic, the villages did not receive many tourists to behold the sight of these flowers. Even the festival of Onam was an empty affair as people decided to stay at home instead of traveling. This is was due to the fear of contracting an infection. Many travelers are fearful to travel in the times when the COVID cases are rising in Kerala on a daily basis.

This year the tourism ministry of Kerala decided to organize virtual tours for the people interested in seeing the backwaters of Kottayam. The water lilies on the backwaters will be promoted by the Kerala Tourism authority as part of the initiative to boost tourism.

The officials of the Kerala tourism ministry have shot enough footage of the places where the water lilies are in full bloom along with some key locations in Kerala. According to the reports, these videos will be available through various official websites soon. The Malarikkal Tourism Society has also helped gather videos and photos of these key locations which are relevant and popular for the tourists.

Also, the tourism ministry of Kerala has decided to organize an official “Pink water lily E-festival”. This festival would be similar to the online festival of Onam that was shared online last month.

The tourism authorities are also planning various short films and videos depicting the village life and the popular backwaters in the areas of Kumarakom, Amballur, Vaikom, and Murinjapuzha.

In the coming weeks, the videos are expected to be shared throughout the internet through various sources. The fields of Water Lilies in Kottayam and Malarikkal have become the most popular among the tourists in the past year. These water lilies are also among the most photographed places in Kerala.

In the coming weeks, the Kerala government is expected to allow some travel restrictions and allow a limited number of tourists. The rising number of COVID cases might also limit the interest in visiting Kerala this year.

The following YouTube video from Kerala Tourism shows the locations where the Water Lilies bloom every monsoon season.

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