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Tourism updates for the state of Telangana announced

Tourism sites in the state will open in a phased manner and new developmental plan announced.

Pakhal Lake, Telangana
Pakhal Lake in Warangal District, Telangana (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Tourism sites in Telangana to reopen soon

The government of Telangana announced that all monuments, tourism sites, and amusement parks will be reopened soon. The popular Golconda Fort opened its gates for the tourists on 1st September and a steady flow of tourists from the neighboring districts visited the site.

The officials gave a press release giving the authorization to open all amusement parks, monuments, and other key tourism sites. However, the government will open these sites in a slow manner. According to the list, the Lumbini Entertainment park will reopen with all its facilities such as boating for the tourists. Also, safety procedures will be imposed on everyone visiting the site. Social distancing will be observed under which a limited number of tourists will be allowed. This will be the first phase of the reopening.

Under the second phase, the government will sanction the resuming of bus transport services for the tourists. As per the announcement, the daily tour buses will be allowed to carry passengers to the popular tourism destination. However, there is no update on whether there will be a limit to the number of passengers on the buses.

The Tourism Minister also stressed upon the compliance on the social distancing and safety protocols for the public as well as for the tourism operators. There are various updates and announcements that are still pending from the government on the opening of museums.

The reopening of the businesses will ensure the revenue generation and the recovery of losses for the people who have lost their jobs during the lockdown. In the coming months, it is expected that the tourism industry of Telangana will generate enough revenue to recover their businesses.


Lakes to be developed as tourist destinations

The tourism minister of Telangana said that all the important lakes that are popular among tourists will be developed into a tourist destination. Also, all major water bodies will receive developmental funding to be made as tourist destinations. One of the main destinations to be developed is the Pakhal Lake in the Warangal district.

The tourism minister Mr. Srinivas Goud also said that the development projects are in the process to build a tourism circuit that includes eco-tourism and religious tourism in the Warangal district.

Mr. Srinivas ensured that the new developmental plans will help ensure the recovery of the ailing tourism sector of the state.

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