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Tourist numbers increases for Kashmir despite COVID-19

Covid-19 restrictions are not as strict as it was during the second wave.

After a long gap in the flow of tourists to Kashmir, the number of visiting tourists to Kashmir is steadily increasing. The government has not made any strict guidelines to restrict tourists from traveling. But, the risk of the new Covid-19 variant is still in the minds of the tourists and the locals.

The government of India has been working towards many projects to revive the dormant tourism businesses. The new variants of Covid-19 have managed to keep the pace of recovery quite slow. However, in the past few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of visiting flights at Srinagar airport.

Also, the union territory of Kashmir has organized special events to boost tourism. International golf tournaments have been organized and it was extensively promoted. Following is the news article from ‘First Post’ regarding the increasing tourist numbers in Kashmir.


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