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Tourists from North India rush towards Goa to escape the chilly weather

International tourists are still not visiting India due to the Omicron scare.

In the past few weeks, the North Indian destinations have been facing extreme low temperatures that are affecting the daily work for many people. However, people from Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana have also been traveling to Manali and Shimla to witness the snowfall. Despite the attraction of the snow, the temperatures have resulted in heavy snowfall which disrupted tourist transportation.

Considering the upcoming New Year and Christmas celebrations, people are rushing towards Goa. Goa is a great winter destination and it sees hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. However, due to the Covid scare, only domestic tourists have been seen traveling to Goa. The number of domestic tourists have increased a lot since the past few months.

Tourists have helped the local tourism businesses stay afloat. International tourists are still not traveling to India due to the Omicron variant being detected in India. However, the Omicron variant is not as serious as the previous variant but still has managed to affect international tourism.

Goa will be flooded with new tourists in the coming weeks. People from North India will be traveling to Goa to get relief from the extremely low temperatures. Many tourist activities are being held including music festivals, water sports, and sightseeing.

The Covid restriction is minimal and the tourists are free to explore Goa without much hassle. Following is the news article from ‘Outlook India’ reporting about the large number of tourists visiting from North India.


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