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Tourists in Goa are lining up for vaccination

The casinos and bars are closed due to the declining number of visiting tourists.

As per the recent restrictions imposed on the businesses many entertainment venues are closed. Due to the decline in incoming tourists, the casinos and bars remain closed. The most popular destinations for entertainment venues are the Calangute and Candolim areas.

It has been reported that all tourists in that area are currently lining up to get vaccinated. It has been observed that the tourists who are staying in Goa are getting their shots from the medical centers.

Also, due to the monsoon season, the number of tourists visiting Goa has gone down significantly. Last month, the Chief Minister of Goa said that the tourism businesses will only be allowed to open once vaccination is complete. However, these rules got some relaxation where tourists were allowed in Goa without vaccination.

The upcoming tourist season that starts in October expects a rise in the number of travelers. The following news article for Times of India reports in detail about the current situation in Goa.


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