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Tourists in Pushkar got lucky in avoiding the Corononavirus spread

Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan (Image source : Wikimedia Commons)

Every year during the colder months tourists from around the world flock to the popular city of Pushkar. This city is located in the Ajmer district of the state of Rajasthan. Since the beginning of March until now, there has been no case of COVID-19 infection in this city.

Due to the lockdown measures in place, the tourists that came to the city are stuck in their hotels and homestays. Around 350 tourists have been reported to be stuck in the city. It’s good to know that all the visitors are safe and sound. Some of these tourists were unable to go back on their scheduled flight once their flights were canceled due to the lockdown. Some of the tourists were sent back to their homes on special flights arranged by the embassies of their respective countries. However, not all of them got such an offer from their countries.

The following report by the news channel called ‘The Print’ shows the current state of tourists who are stuck in the city of Pushkar.

It is good to know that the authorities of Ajmer took instant action as soon as the news of the pandemic was released. However, not all districts in the state of Rajasthan were that lucky. The authorities of Ajmer did a great job of containing the crisis outside its borders.

Regular screenings are still being done by the local bodies in order to ensure that the city remains virus-free. The hotel owners and local authorities are keeping an eye on the movement of the people. Tourists are given strict instructions on not to go outside their hotels.

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