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Tourists wanting to extend their Visas are required to register with the FRRO

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Mr. Bosco George, who is the Superintendent of Police for the FRRO (Foreigners Regional Regional Registration Office) has made an announcement. He said that the tourists who have a long term visa which is more than 6 months need to register with the FRRO.

In Goa, it is estimated that there are about 2000 foreigners staying in Goa. The government is trying to evacuate them to their native countries as per the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. Around 6000 tourists have been sent back to their home countries since the lockdown.

The Government of India has extended the visas until May 17th free of cost. Tourists can log in to the FRRO portal and register themselves in order to extend their Visas. The following is the link to the website for FRRO registration. https://indianfrro.gov.in/eservices/home.jsp.

In Uttrakhand, many foreign nationals have previously requested the government to extend their visa. These tourists are from countries like the USA, Germany, and Australia who are residing in Rishikesh and Vrindavan, However, the government had issued them exit permits so they can be sent back home. Most of these tourists have been staying in India for many years. Some of these foreigners are quite elderly.

They were disheartened by the decision by the government because for some going back would be to get prone to the risk of getting a Coronavirus infection. Most of these people have been living in India for about 6-7 years.

As per Mr. Roshan Bhakuni of the FRRO in Lucknow, the visa extensions are given after reviewing every case. He urged that all foreigners who have any particular requirement for their stay should send an email to the FRRO office of their city to review their application.

The following report from Rajya Sabha TV from last month (April 14th), reported about the visa extensions that were done until April 30th.

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