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Tourists will now have to pay fee before entering Kasol

Vehicles which are not registered in the state of Himachal will have to pay the fee.

According to the recent announcements, visiting Kasol and Manikaran in the state of Himachal Pradesh will be a little expensive. Every tourist visiting Kasol and Manikaran will have to pay a ‘development fee’. This fee is only for vehicles that are from states other than that of Himachal Pradesh. All vehicles which are registered in Himachal, do not need to pay any fee.

As per the Development authority, the money collected will be used for the development of the area and its facilities. As per the new orders, SUVs will have to pay Rs. 300, Cars to pay Rs. 100 and two-wheeler vehicles will be charged Rs. 50.

The major requirements for the areas of Kasol and Manikaran is that of sewage treatment and waste management. The development authority is working towards creating facilities to solve these problems. The following is the detailed report from ‘News 18’ reporting about the recent announcement.


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