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Travel restrictions imposed in Lakshadweep

Mandatory institutional quarantine of 7 days for tourists announced

The administration department of Lakshadweep has announced that no ‘unnecessary’ travel will be allowed. Only essential travel will be considered valid. This decision was made to lower the chances of Covid spread in Lakshadweep. Most travelers visiting Lakshadweep are from the state of Kerala. Kerala being the worst-hit state in terms of Covid numbers, the travel restrictions have been imposed.

According to the new rules, all travelers entering Lakshadweep will have to undergo a mandatory institutional quarantine for 7 days. Travelers will be checked again for Covid infection after the quarantine period is finished. 

Also, people who are fully vaccinated will have to be quarantined only for 3 days. The mandatory quarantine is imposed on all incoming travelers to Lakshadweep. Recently, the administration of Lakshadweep relaxed the restrictions for tourists, which ended up creating a spike in the new cases in Kerala. 

All tourists who are entering Lakshadweep are mainly from Kerala, Mangaluru, Kozhikode, and Karnataka. All these places have been considered as the hotspots for the Covid-19 virus. It seems that the upcoming tourist season will not see many tourists coming for vacation. This is because of the new guidelines which make the tourists apprehensive about visiting Lakshadweep.

The following news article from ‘The Hindu’ details the new restrictions imposed by the administration.

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