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Tribal community of Arunachal Pradesh made a bird sanctuary converted from a village

The most popular rare bird species in the areas is called Bugun Liochila.

Yellow throated fulvetta
Yellow-throated Fulvetta in Arunachal Pradesh (image source: wikimedia commons)

Singchung Bagun Village Community Reserve is home to rare bird species of Arunachal Pradesh. This reserve was built with a joint effort of the Bagun tribe and the local forest department. This community was built with an idea of conservation of the rare bird species.

Plans are being made to launch many community tourism projects in the local forest areas. The Bugun tribe owns most of the forest area and has agreed to work towards building the nature reserve and promote biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh.

The forest department worked hard to convince the Bugun tribe in participating in community tourism projects. The Buguns needed convincing for their role in promoting their culture and the bio-diversity of their lands.

A large amount of data about the forest lands and its wildlife has been compiled and a detailed plan has been made to manage the reserve. The local villages decided to convert 17 sq. km of their land into the community reserve. This is an important initiative in protecting forest resources and its bio-diversity.

The most popular rare bird is called Bugun Liochila which attracts many bird-watching enthusiasts from around the world. The Bugun tribe is actively involved in conduction many kinds of sightseeing and adventure activities in the forest.

The following YouTube video from the channel called “Green Hub Video Diary” shows the details about Singchung Village Community Reserve.

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