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Tripura celebrates being home to the first ever bamboo village in India

Several eco-tourism initiatives have been taken to boost tourism activities in India.

What do travelers like? Well, there are lots of things. But somehow all these things are related to nature, adventure, freedom, and health, isn’t it? So with this, we have great news for you. One of the kind, the first bamboo village in India has been set up recently. Tripura will be home to this multi-purpose bashgram (bamboo village). This initiative was taken to boost eco-tourism in the region. Also, this will help the tourism industry of the North East thrive more. This initiative will likely attract yogis, nature-lovers, and travelers from all around the world.

Along the India-Bangladesh border, the bamboo village has been set up in Western Tripura’s Katlamara. Manna Roy who is a bamboo architect-cum-expert led this program, for which around 9 acres of land has been developed by youth. From across the country, many environmentalists, travelers, and foreigners are already reportedly attracted and excited about this. They are super enthusiastic about trying out this bamboo village and staying close to nature while they relax.

According to the reports, the activities and attractions of the village will be a yoga lovers center where they can practice, a playground, ponds with enough impressive flora and fauna, bamboo bridges, and pathways. At this aesthetic bamboo village, many eco-friendly utilities and facilities will also be accessible.

If we talk about the details of this bamboo village, bashgram will be truly unique in its offering. And what makes it unique? It’s the various bamboo species that turn out to be more than 14, natural plants vegetation, shrubs, and flowers that truly make it distinctive and a place worth visiting. Also, an addition of a museum was mentioned. According to him, the bamboo village will also host a museum where all types of bamboo will be displayed ( made from old, new materials, endangered, and obsolete).

So far, approximately 60 Lakh is already invested in the area. And Roy specified that no money is yet been taken from the government for this project. He also talked about the intention behind the project. The main and crucial idea behind the village was to properly use the local and rural resources without affecting nature.


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