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Tripura planning huge initiatives to boost tourism

From mid-october the tourism activities will be in full swing.

Neermahal in Tripura
Neermahal in Tripura, India (image source: Wikimedia commons)

Today, the Tripura government placed a floating Jetty in the Dumbur Lake.Dumbur Lake is the largest Lake in the state of Tripura. The installation of the Jetty was done to attract tourists to the state of Tripura.

The tourism minister of Tripura announced many major plans to develop in the state for Tourism. Presently, the efforts are to attract tourists from the neighboring states and give them an affordable vacation with all the facilities and services. According to the Tourism Minister, by mid-October tourism activities will resume fully without any restrictions.

For the tourists, various cottage based vacations, helicopter services, restaurants with authentic local cuisine and many other experiences will be provided. Trained staff will be employed for the next wave of tourism. The government has announced initiatives towards boosting tourism for the state. 

Announcements to promote Eco-tourism in the state were also made. The tourism minister stressed on the importance of preserving the Indian Heritage and the sites need to be preserved. Destinations such as Pilak, Chhabimura, Neermahal, and Unokoti have amazing potential to become the most popular travel destinations in the world. 

Work towards infrastructure development is also underway to connect the rural tourism opportunities to the world. The following YouTube video from ‘Aditya Deb’ shows the amazing destinations in the state of Tripura

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