Twitter has lost its battle over user privacy in India

Twitter is likely to take its case to the Supreme court of India and the legal battle is expected to continue.

Twitter has been fighting against the legal proceedings that were pushed on it by the Indian Government. Last month, India introduced some new IT rules under which Twitter will be held responsible for any ‘objectionable’ post posted by any user.

These IT rules came into the limelight after several politicians got their Tweets flagged as fake news. Twitter took down a few accounts and tweets which went against the Twitter norms or simply were hateful towards a community.

According to some conditions imposed by the Indian government include that Twitter should appoint A compliance officer, a grievance office, and an executive dedicated to responding to the complaints from the law enforcement authorities. The same rules were imposed on other social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Twitter has lost the case in the High Court, but the company is willing to take its case to the Supreme court as the new laws exploit the user’s privacy and the government clearly can ask for any tweet to be taken down by any user along with a with asking for all the information regarding any particular user.

The Indian IT minister has said that Twitter has lost its legal protection and it will not have any legal protection as long as it is working in India. The Indian government is determined to control Social Media and the posts that are circulating. Last month, Twitter offices got raided because it labeled the Tweets of an Indian politician as ‘manipulated media’.

The legal battle will escalate in the coming weeks and as of now, Twitter is not willing to bow down to the new IT regulations. The following news report by Reuters explains in detail the legal battle Twitter is fighting.

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