Twitter will now be considered directly responsible for all the content posted on its platform in India

New IT rules will be implemented on all Social Media platforms that compromises end user's privacy.

According to the recent legal proceedings, Twitter will be directly held responsible for all the posts published on its platform. It will not be considered as an intermediary platform instead all the content posted on Twitter will be open to legal action if found against the law.

The new IT rules that were implemented on May 26th, demanded the social media platforms comply under which the privacy of the end-user will be compromised. Twitter has refused to comply with the new IT regulations for which is it is facing legal action from the Indian government.

Twitter will no longer be considered as a platform that is simply hosting the content generated by the users. Instead, it will be considered responsible for publishing the content on its platform. This means that whatever content seems inappropriate by the Indian government, legal action can be taken against Twitter and its offices in India.

The other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google have also been given the notice to comply with similar restrictions. Under the new law, any social media platform with more than 500,000 users in India will have to comply with the IT rules.

It is not clear what implications will these new rules have on the individual’s online privacy in the future. This means that the information that will be shared online will be scrutinized more and more and ‘objectionable’ content will be removed as per the new guidelines implemented by the social media platforms.

The following news report from NDTV talks about the new IT rules that Twitter refused to adhere to.

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