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Unvaccinated people are not allowed to work in the industries of Indore

People are also given gifts and discounts to motivate them to get vaccinated.

Without getting the vaccination certificate people are not allowed to return to work in some of the industries in the city of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh. There have been many instances of people denying vaccinations in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The government has been able to force people to get the vaccines in several villages of Madhya Pradesh.

At the beginning of June, there has been another report where people were denied salaries if they do not get vaccinated. This incident was in the city of Firozabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Following is the news report from ‘The Economic Times’ for that incident that happened earlier this month.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, the government has set up many vaccination camps where people were encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. There were many instances where people were given various incentives, discounts, and gifts to motivate them to get vaccinated. There was one popular instance of people given free petrol in exchange for getting vaccinated.

According to the President of ‘Association of Industries in Madhya Pradesh,’ the workers will not be allowed to return to work unless they receive the necessary vaccination and also present their vaccination certificate to prove it. He also said that strict action will be taken against the people who refuse the vaccine.

Due to the large number of people looking for answers for vaccine safety on social media, the government has been labeling them as ‘conspiracy theorists’. Whenever people talk about the side effects occurring due to the vaccines, they are carefully heard. Instead, the government has been avoiding all debate and conversation in this regard.

In the media, there have been campaigns asking people to get vaccinated and not to believe in anything that talks about the vaccine’s safety. Doctors and medical experts have been telling people that all vaccine side effects are minuscule and there is nothing to worry about. However, no serious discussion around this subject has been done so far.

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