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Uttarakhand developing the tourism circuit called ‘Ramayana Circuit’

Many projects are under discussion which are focused towards religious tourism

Ram Temple
Ram Temple in Bhuwaneshwar (image source:: Wikimedia Commons)


The Uttarakhand Ministery of Tourism is making plans to develop a ‘Ramayana Circuit’ which will include all the religious and spiritual sites which are linked with the Indian epic called ‘Ramayana’. The story of Ramayana revolves around Lord Ram a Hindu deity.

This initiative is directed towards increasing religious tourism from within the country. There recent inauguration for Ram Temple in Ayodhya created a new motivation to develop religious tourism.

Under this project, all temples in the Himalayan region will be connected to this circuit. The complete list will be released once the developmental plan is finalized. According to government officials, there are many projects currently in the discussion which are being developed to create tourism that is focused on religion and spirituality.

The ‘Ramayana Circuit’ is not likely to be part of Uttarakhand state. It is expected that this circuit would be spread throughout India.

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