Uttarakhand planning to start bird tourism

Himalayan Monal bird, Uttarakhand (image source: wikimedia commons)

A recent report from Dehradun confirmed that the authorities are developing a bird tourism center in a place called Munsyari. The area of Munsyari is very popular among bird photographers and nature enthusiasts. There are more than 100 bird species that can be found in Munsyari. The bird tourism center will be developed at the Eco Park where many bird enthusiasts come every year.

Recently, Munsyari got more popular among tourists visiting the district of Pithoragarh. This area attracts many bird species and the climate of this Himalayan region is perfect for these birds. The bio-diversity, wildlife, and natural beauty of this area bring in lots of tourists from all over India. A lot of areas of cultural significance can also be found here. The tourism companies are also conducting many activities related to adventure tourism.

According to the forest authorities, the bird tourism center will provide various services related to hiking, mountaineering, and adventure sports along with bird tourism. Plans to develop two lakes are also being considered.

Tourists will be given opportunities to learn more about the nature and wildlife of the area. The authorities are optimistic about the important role this center will play in bringing awareness of nature. The department of the forest wants this center to provide employment for the locals as well.

The development is estimated to take around 3 years time in which various local governing bodies of the villages are involved. The forest department hopes to provide employment to the youth of the local villages who need opportunities for their economic well-being.

Along with the locals, many homestays and small hotels will find a way to make a living as well.

The following YouTube video from ‘Green Hub Video Diary’ channel shows the bio-diversity of Uttarakhand.

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