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Uttarakhand rainfall claims the lives of 68 people until now

Death count reached 68 and the search for more survivors is in progress.

For the last three days, the state of Uttarakhand has been facing severe rainfall, flooding, and landslides. These natural disasters have caused havoc in the daily lives of the people living in the state. The search and rescue operations are still going on. The hilly region of Kumaon is the most affected by the destruction caused by these calamities.

On Friday, the death count reached 68 and the search for more survivors is in progress. Rescue efforts are going on for the 2 trekking teams that are lost near the Lamkhaga Pass. Until now, the bodies of 7 trekkers have been recovered, 2 have been rescued and 2 more are missing. This team of 11 trekkers went missing on Friday near the Lamkhaga pass. There was another group of 11 trekkers out of whom 5 were found dead. The rescue operations are still looking for the remaining survivors.

Also, 65 trekkers were rescued near Bageshwar Pindari and the Kafni glacial range. 23 people were rescued near Pithoragarh in Darma valley. Another 2 trekkers were found dead in the Chitkul trekking trail near Bageshwar. The consistent rains for the last 3 days have disrupted the transportation of necessary goods. Many roads have been blocked due to the landslides. The coming days are expected to experience more rainfall.

In the past few weeks, the weather has become unfit for travelers who have been visiting the state of Uttarakhand. The severe weather is likely to continue for another week and after that better weather is expected. However, it might take some time for the revival of tourism activities in the winter months. The following is the recent news report from the ‘Indian Express’ reporting about the loss of life and property caused by heavy rainfall, flooding, and landslides.

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