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Uttarakhand recently received 3 tourism awards

The awards are for 'best adventure', 'best spiritual' and 'best wildlife' destinations.

In the recent tourism survey program, some of the best tourism destinations were selected. Among these destinations, awards were given in 9 different categories of tourism activities. Goa has been awarded as the best runner-up ‘adventure tourism destination’

The state of Uttarakhand has been awarded 3 titles in the tourism survey awards. The three categories that the state of Uttarakhand was awarded were ‘Best Wildlife Destination’, ‘Best Spiritual Destination’ and ‘Best adventure destination’. For the best adventure destination, Rishikesh was selected. Rishikesh is famously known as the ‘Yoga capital of the world’. However, it was selected as the ‘best adventure destination’ due to the many available adventure sports and adventure activities.

Kedarnath was selected as the ‘most spiritual destination’. Kedarnath is an important shrine for Hindu pilgrims. It is also among the 4 most important pilgrimages for the people of the Hindu faith.

Another award for ‘best wildlife destination’ was given to the Jim Corbett National Park. This national park is full of rare species of birds, animals, and plants. It is also a favorite destination for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Many other states in India are slowly being recognized by UNESCO and other institutions to promote the tourism of India. International tourism is expected to start soon and the much-needed boost will be given to the tourism sector of India. The most popular states that are popular among international tourists are Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Goa, and Kerala.

There is so much to discover in India and more and more destinations are being developed to create a universal identity of India in terms of tourism. Tourism infrastructure is being developed to help tourism operators to function efficiently. Many projects have been introduced recently to make India a great tourist destination in the world.

Following is the news article from ‘’ reporting about the recent awards given to various states of India including Uttarakhand.

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