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Uttarakhand’s ghost village is a new tourist attraction

The village of Pauri has been facing a series of natural disasters recently.

The state of Uttarakhand in Northern India has been suffering from many natural calamities recently. Disasters such as flash floods, heavy rains, landslides, and forest fires have made the locals concerned about the environment. Climate change has been the main factor in creating this drastic change in the environment.

Recently, the government took an initiative to revive an abandoned ghost village. The village of Pauri is being revived by creating job opportunities for the locals by boosting tourism activities. As per the data, Pauri is considered the most abandoned village in Uttarakhand. This is due to the series of natural calamities that have created havoc in the area.

The state government is working on various projects to revive the village. Some of the major projects include increasing agricultural activities in harmony with the environment. Also, eco-tourism projects are being developed to create sustainable tourism businesses.

Following is a detailed article from the ‘’ about the new developments in the abandoned village of Pauri in Uttarakhand.


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