Vaccinated Indians can travel to these seven countries

The Covid vaccine in India has been recognized by the many countries.

After the new variant of Covid-19 went on a rise, every country increased strictness and issued guidelines for travel. But amidst all this chaos, some countries eased out the rules and regulations for international travelers. This is majorly done to boost the economy and increase the income for their tourism sector. But at the same time, some other countries strayed away from easing it out to prevent the further spread of the virus.

In a similar aspect, some countries are opening their doors to fully vaccinated Indians who want to travel out of the country for work or leisure. So, keep reading to know about which countries Indians can travel to without much hassle.

United Kingdom

Firstly, it is a delight to know about the success of booster programs and vaccinations in the United Kingdom. So, followed by this, the UK officially announced the withdrawal of testing requirements for travelers who are fully vaccinated. This new rule will come into effect from 11th February, 4 AM.

The United Kingdom has also eased out things for non-vaccinated travelers. The entry is allowed for non-vaccinated travelers but these things need to be followed. They would now only be required to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on the day they arrive or they can take the test before arriving in England also. All the passengers must complete a passenger locator form.


All excited about the Thailand trip you planned? We have good news. According to reports, a quarantine-free travel scheme for international travelers is all set to resume from February 1 for international travelers. Also, as Thailand is a tourist-dependent economy, it suffered losses when the Omicron came into the picture. So, according to the officials the program had to be suspended because of this.

But after 1st February, fully vaccinated travelers can visit Thailand under the Test and Go scheme. The Covid Test will be mandatory on the first and fifth days after arriving.


Recently, the Government of Singapore announced ease of travel restrictions for international travelers. Previously, the vaccinated travelers were to be isolated for 10 days. But now, the updated rules say that vaccinated travelers who have mild symptoms should only be isolated for 7 days. Children can recover at home.

The country has also withdrawn the compulsory testing measures and the vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to take a test. The vaccinated travelers who recovered from Covid recently will also not be required to undergo compulsory testing.


From March, The Government of Cyprus will lift all travel restrictions for the travelers who are fully vaccinated. Given the current situation, From March 1 there will be no restrictions for vaccinated travelers who hold a valid vaccination certificate and a boost shot certificate. This announcement was made by the Cyprus Tourism Minister.

If we talk about the current rules, travelers have to show either RT-PCR test reports or must self-quarantine when they arrive. It is to be noted that D vaccine certificates, without proof of a booster shot, will only be accepted if nine months haven’t passed since they received their second dose.


The rules of Vietnam As of January 1 requires, all travelers entering from abroad to be fully vaccinated or at least have proof that they have recovered from Coronavirus. The country’s Health Ministry also wants the travelers to get tested before flying, then quarantined for three days, and get tested again before entering the country.

If someone tests negative, they will be required to monitor their health closely for at least two weeks. Approval of the government officials will be required if documents are missing.


In January, Israel announced the lifting of travel restrictions for all countries. The government commented on how futile it is to prevent the spread of the new variant.

As per the reports, travelers who are vaccinated and are traveling from former ‘Red’ list countries (which were then moved to Orange) will have to stay in quarantine for 24 hours after they arrive in Israel. Further, a rapid antigen test is only required from fully vaccinated travelers coming from countries on the orange or red list. As per the reports, these travel rules apply to fully vaccinated travelers and recently recovered travelers.

Saint Lucia

This Caribbean paradise has finally eased up on the travel restrictions and it has decided to open its doors for travelers. The travelers who are fully vaccinated will now have access to travel the country without much hassle. As per reports, travelers can stay at pre-approved hotels or rentals.


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