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Villagers being given by free rice in exchange for taking vaccine

Health officers in Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh have found sponsors to buy rice to be given to the villagers in exchange for them to get vaccinated.

According to a recent report by the ‘Hindustan Times’, a health officer in the Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh was seen giving 20 kilograms of Rice to entice the villagers to take the vaccine. The villagers were reluctant towards vaccination and were not ready to take vaccines. So, the health officer gave them a sack of rice so they can take the vaccine and it worked.

This trick worked for all people above 45 years of age and the health officers managed to get their consent for vaccination. This strategy was planned by the Yazali circle officer by the name of ‘Tashi Wangchu Thongdok’.

The area of Yazali has roughly around 12000 residents and according to the data, 84% of the population has been vaccinated. There are around 200 villagers who are not willing to take the vaccine. The health officers are planning to visit them and vaccinate them at their homes.

According to the ‘Tashi Wangchu’, the people are fearing the vaccines due to the WhatsApp messages that say that vaccinated people will die within 2 years. He claimed that these messages are fake.

The health officers have found sponsors who are ready to donate money to buy the Rice sacks that can be distributed to the villagers in exchange for getting them vaccinated. So far people are going according to the plan and have been agreeing to get the vaccine shots in exchange of rice.

The following link is the official news report from ‘Hindustan Times’.

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