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Villagers of Malana refused Covid vaccine because their ‘deity’ told them not to take vaccine

The health workers set up the vaccination camp in Malana last month.

The remote village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh is best known for its ‘Malana Cream’ which is the world-famous hashish that is grown in this village. The villagers of Malana have stayed ‘Covid-free’ because they did not allow any ‘outsider’ to enter their village.

However, last month a group of health workers visited Malana to set up a vaccination camp. According to the report, only 36 people got convinced to get the vaccination. In the village with a population of 2200 people, only a few got vaccinated.

The health workers were not able to convince everyone to take the vaccine. The local villagers said that their village deity is known as ‘Jagadamani Rishi’ does not agree with the vaccination. Hence, people do not want to get vaccinated.

The villagers said that 5 months of rituals and prayers were needed to get the answer for vaccination. The villagers said that their deity said that he will protect them with his divine powers and told them not to take the vaccine.

Many people dismissed the villagers by calling them superstitious and said they might be hesitant to vaccines because of the misinformation regarding vaccines.  However, with more and more people speaking against the vaccination, the government health workers are trying to tell people that vaccines are safe.

Following is the detailed report from ‘Al Jazeera’ talking about the efforts of the health workers and villagers denying the vaccine.

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