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Vythiri in Kerala becomes India’s fully vaccinated tourist place

Kerala has been the worst Covid affected state in India since the beginning of the pandemic.

The state government of Kerala announced last week that Vythiri located in the Wayanad district of Kerala has fully vaccinated its population. It is now a fully vaccinated tourist destination. 

The state government of Kerala is promoting Vythiri as part of its campaign for safe tourism. Currently, the state government has plans to fully vaccinate the entire population of Kerala. This is to make Kerala a safe tourist destination and bring in more people to revive the tourism economy.

All major tourist destinations in Kerala will be made safe for tourists by controlling the number of visiting tourists, vaccinating all people involved in tourism businesses, and checking Covid-19 test reports for tourists. These measures will most likely make Kerala ready for international tourists as well.

As of now, international flights have not started and international tourists are not visiting India. But in the coming months, if the tourist destinations are made safer, then it is quite possible that international tourists will be willing to visit India. 

On the other hand, domestic tourists are visiting several states of India and have visited the tourist destinations in large numbers. Kerala being the worst-hit state in terms of Covid infections, the vaccination efforts are going to be extensive.

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