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Watersports activities restart in Manali

The number of tourists visiting Manali has increased since the rainfall has decreased.

Since last week, the number of tourists visiting the Kullu and Manali has been drastically increasing. After opening up the highways and with the decreasing rainfall, travelers have started to flock to the hill of Himachal Pradesh.

A few weeks ago, landslides have blocked the major highways and roads disrupting the tourists. With the improved weather, the roads have been restored and the traffic is flowing normally. The winter season has started for Himachal Pradesh.

During the winter months, many tourists visit Himachal Pradesh to witness the snowfall and to experience the cold weather of the mountains. Manali is the most popular hill station that sees the largest number of tourists every year. Since last week, many tourists are flocking to Manali for short vacation tours.

The water sports activities such as river rafting and river crossing have been closed for many months. This was due to the lockdown restrictions and the overflowing of the rivers. Now, the present weather is perfect to experience water sports. Hence, the reopening of the water sports activities is giving tourists enough opportunities to enjoy their stay in Manali.

Following is the recent news article from ‘The Tribune’ reporting about the reopening of the water sports activities.


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