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Weekend Covid restrictions lifted in Mysuru

Many destinations in India are slowly opening up for tourism activities.

The tourism destination of Mysuru is one of the best tourist destinations in Karnataka. Mysuru is expecting a rise in tourist numbers in the coming weeks. Earlier, Mysuru was closed due to weekend restrictions. This decision was taken to control the number of visiting tourists to Mysuru.

The weekend restrictions have been lifted now due to the declining number of Covid cases. But still, people are preferring to stay indoors. In the coming weeks, people will gradually start traveling and visiting their favorite holiday spots. But as of now, there is still no sign of tourists during the weekends.

Destinations such as Mysuru Zoo and Mysuru Palace are still seeing low tourist numbers. The state government is working towards promoting tourism for this area by introducing several facilities and projects to improve the tourism infrastructure.

Following is the official news article from ‘Times of India’ in regards to the weekend restrictions being lifted in Karnataka.


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