What to expect when India opens for International tourists

ריחוק חברתי, חבישת מסכות ובדיקה רפואית מתמדת צפויים

Flights at Hyderabad airport
Flights at Hyderabad airport (image source: wikimedia commons)

Domestic tourism has already started in India from June 8. But India has kept its borders closed for International tourism to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, many safety policies are being implemented throughout the hospitality facilities, offices, transport vehicles, etc. With these new rules, people from within India can travel around within the country. It is expected that soon India will start to expect international tourists. With the expectation of restarting International tourism some new guidelines have been revealed and are expected to be followed by all tour operators and related businesses.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the following regulations are expected to be implemented for International Tourism.

  1. Throughout the time in the airport, the passengers are expected to wear the facemasks all the time.
  1. Social distancing during seating and while inside the airport needs to be followed.
  1. The handshaking will not be allowed and ‘Namaste’ as a greeting will have to be followed.
  1. Basic health screening will be done at the airport and at the hotels.
  1. A health certificate might be required to be presented at the airport. However, this is expected to be implemented for all domestic and international travel.
  1. Taxis will only allow the maximum of 2 passengers (excluding the driver).
  1. Online purchase of tickets for events and cultural sites will be encouraged rather than the physical purchase of a ticket.
  1. Gloves and Masks will have to be worn by the tourists while visiting the tourist sites where large gatherings are usually expected. Places such as temples, monuments, etc.
  1. As part of social distancing, Tour guides should use headphones and microphones to communicate to the tourists while conducting a tour.
  1. Social distancing while in the hotel should be practiced for communicating with the hotel staff.

After the start of the domestic travel, more than 50,000 people flew within the country since June 8th. If these safety protocols are completely implemented and strictly reviewed, we can expect the international travel to start soon.

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