WhatsApp sues Indian government

Indian government is trying aggressively to control all Social media communications.

WhatsApp as a company has submitted a legal complaint against the government of India because India is compelling WhatsApp to end its privacy protection features. According to WhatsApp the change in the policies that the Indian Government is trying to implement the rule which will force the Social Media companies to identify the source of information whenever the government demands it.

According to WhatsApp this is a violation of privacy as it asks the company to reveal the identities of the people sending any message that the government deems as ‘illegal’. This means that WhatsApp will have to break its encryption features for all communications that happen within India.

In recent months, the Indian government has been criticized consistently for its mismanagement of funds and essential medical supplies. The attitude of the Indian government towards privacy is not constitutional. It is trying hard to control Social Media and the flow of information among people. Other technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are also facing similar pressure from the Indian government.

Earlier this week, India’s Twitter office was raided after it marked the tweets of government officials as ‘Manipulated’. The government has been trying to make Twitter remove the ‘Manipulated Media’ tag from Tweets done by their politicians. All criticism of the present government of India is making the government more aggressive towards its efforts to control Social Media.

The following news report from ‘India Today’ talks about the WhatsApp case in detail and how it affects the privacy of the individuals in India.

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