World’s first DNA vaccine will be launched in India in the coming weeks

Zydus Cadila is conducting 3rd phase of its DNA vaccine trials on children in India.

Presently, there is no DNA-based vaccine in the world. However, a company in India called Zydus Cadila is in process of releasing a Covid DNA vaccine in the coming months. The company is conducting trials and it has also applied for the license of approval from the Health Department of India.

The DNA vaccine works by generating an immune response after injecting the DNA of the virus into the body. The body recognizes the virus and generates an immune response by creating antibodies. However, there are some genuine concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine on the human body. Due to this reason, the development and testing of DNA vaccines take time.

The other types of vaccines are mRNA vaccines which are more expensive to produce. Their risks are also very well known. However, the experts say the chance of getting extreme side-effects is less than 1%. Due to the possibility of long-term health issues, DNA-based vaccines are likely to face some protest from the people of the world.

The Gujarat-based company Zydus Cadila is currently in the 3rd phase of its trials on children and other Covid patients. According to the company officials, this vaccine will be a 3-dose vaccine. After the 3rd dose, the efficacy will be 100% according to the company officials.

ZyCov-D will be the name of this DNA-based vaccine and it is most likely to be available in India in September. There is no long-term data available on this vaccine since it is yet to be launched. DNA-based vaccines may be more prone to the investigation because of their concerns. To study the long-term effects of these vaccines, a lot of research and data collection will be needed.

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